Complaint: Forced to wait for 1 and half hour in an tiny area with no access to restrooms

on 16 March 2022 about EasyJet in category Airlines

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My complaint:

On a recent travel from Lyon to Copenhagen, with planned departure at 20:10, we were a plane full of people who was rushed to a waiting area with hardly no chairs and without access to restrooms, 30 min before normal departure, finally to have to wait around 1 and half hour for a plane that that was very delayed, without a proper place to sit. There was a woman that got sick and had to go to a corner of this waiting area since there were nowhere else for her to go.
This could maybe be dismissed as a unique unfortunate experience, but this is the third time this happens, with the same appalling waiting area, which just makes it inexcusable. Especially since there were no recognition andor compensation by EasyJet for this horrible treatment.

Suggested solution:

Improve the treatment of their passengers and as a minimum offer some sort of compensation for planes delayed more than and hour, especially in those horrible conditions.

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