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My complaint:

America runs on Dunkin!!! On Sunday 2202022 I drove to your dunkin and used your drive through window Blerta ID 259950 took my order when i drove up two second window to pay and get my order. i explained that my order was incorrect. I didnt think I was gonna be given a hard time because Blerta took the wrong order I tried to explain to Berta your store manger that the order was not correct further more Im allergic to strawberries so I would have never order a strawberry coolatta she started laughing and said I was holding up the line and that I was to take the order I ordered which FYI was not the ordered I placed after that I immediately asked for a refund and told the manger i would file a complaint. I am a nurse a front line worker i dont deserve this treatment while Im working throuhgh this pandemic for two years now!!!! Now i had to go to a different Dunkin Store 357155 at 93 Merden rd and I didnt have any problem with my order.
So to summarize this complaint against your store 345746 needs to re train your manger. Blerta Check 6993 at 10:44am at 21 Union st Waterbury Ct

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

asked for a refund
contacted customer care support at 1-800-859-5339
receipts can be provided if needed
Worse customer service

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