Duke Energy complaint: Horrible customer service

on 06 October 2022 about Duke Energy in category Energy Companies

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My complaint:

My name is Oluwaseun Okungbowa. i am a Duke energy customer in Spartanburg SC 29301.

I am filing this compliant due to the fact that duke energy customer service is the worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life.

On 1032022, i called several times just to ask a question about their billing, The customer service i speak to refuses to answer my question or transfer me to a manager. They refuse to give me their full name or ID and when they find out that i will not get off the phone they disconnect and i have to call back again.

This happens 5 times over the space of 2hrs,the managers and customer service i have spoken to have been horrible and unresponsive in listening or addressing my claims.

Only one gave me her ID. She was the most polite customer service i ever spoke to today, others have been very rude and refused to do so and i have the names they gave me.

Ashley M.

They kept ending the phone call, so i have to keep calling back. This keeps happening whether i speak to the manager or customer service.

Again just to reiterate, Each time i have called, customer service has disconnected the phone call based on their assertion that they cannot give me their ID or full name and my frustration has grown with each call, when i tell them of how horribly i have been treated by the last person i spoke to and demand their name or ID i get disconnected.

How Duke Energy thinks it’s ok to deny their customer service or accountability is beyond me and i intend to continue to pursue this until they are either kicked out of my neighborhood or made to apologize.

We cannot have the level of disrespect or poor service just because they ffeel they are the only ones giving us power and can afford to speak to us whichever they please.

Suggested solution:

Retraining thier manager and customer service. This is a horrible package and it is unacceptable!!

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