Complaint: Unattentive Employee left in charge of store

on 25 January 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Ordered two pizzas online worth $19.04 on Sunday 012421. Went into store to pick them up around 11am. You have to enter and go around to the left to a back counter. No employee could be seen or heard. My wife came in to check on things and saw that I was waiting. She went back out. I would occasionally hear something being dropped as from being tossed (maybe deep dish pizza pans). I was looking at the oven and stacks of different types of pans with no employees visibly working, so it had to be coming from the back room area.
Minutes go by, I’m getting a little mad and I decide to call the store. The store phone is ringing and ringing. I’m put on hold and the store phone starts ringing more. An employee comes from the back room area. He’s around 30 feet away saying something to me. I continue to let the phone ring. He walks back to the back area and the phone continues to ring. He eventually answers the phone and I mention that I’ve been waiting in the lobby to pick up a togo order. He hangs up and walks to the same spot around 30 feet away. He doesn’t have a mask on and when he’s speaking, I still can’t understand him… so I yell two times that I’ve been waiting here in the lobby to pick up my fucking togo order for Robin Sweet (I’m Karl Sweet).
He walks over as if not being able to hear me with my mask on and I repeat everything without cussing. All he can say is that I’m not getting anything until I show him a little respect. I say to cancel my order. He says ok. I ask his name. He replies Dante Smith. He says to get out of his store. On my way out he smugly says Have a nice day. Robin and I go next door to Schlotzky’s for sandwiches. I decide to file a complaint with Dominos and just in case Dante didn’t tell me his actual name, I popped back in a took his picture. This time he’s standing at the pizza prep table just inside the door. Just after taking his picture he says again to have a nice day. I’m out the door but flip him off. Looking back at his picture, I noticed that while he now looked attentive being at that front counter (with no customers waiting), that he had no mask on. Remember, he’s standing at the pizza prep table. isn’t that a Covid health violation now days?

My frustration (besides for the obvious) was because my wife really wanted Dominos pizza. Her health depends on her being gluten free. Even though Dominos charges a hefty fee for their gluten free pizza, she enjoys it. So now she’s disappointed at the whole situation. Schlotzky’s has a gluten free bun, so we’re fine not visiting that Dominos location anymore. Is that what the corporate office of Dominos is ok with. A lazy employee, pissing off customers to the point of us giving up on receiving our order and making us not wanting to return?

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Suggested solution:

More training and definitely supervision of this employee.

We happen to notice a smaller Dominos location while we were visiting other parts of Galveston, so we're good. I feel sorry for the area with Dante manning the store.

Is there no notification within the store to employees for when customers enter the store?
If there is a camera monitor in that back room area that happens to show customers entering or waiting for service, if I were the owner, this uncaring employee (for whatever reason) should be let go.

Unattentive Employee left in charge of store
Unattentive Employee left in charge of store
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