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My complaint:

I’m received a coupon because I’m new to the neighborhood. I’m new to North Carolina all together. I just got some unpacking done and I was extremely hungry and couldn’t locate my silverware just yet. What a great opportunity for my “welcome to the neighborhood!” Coupon. I called the location closest to me to inquire on the coupon. I waited on the line with the automated system, “someone will be with you shortly” for a little while. I hung up and called again… no answer… again, and finally I got an answer. The woman I spoke with wouldn’t let me finish my sentence when I told her I was new to the location and I have a coupon for a free pizza. She interrupted me right away and said “that’s for pick up only” I then said “oh, I’m sorry I thought there was delivery cuz the coupon says…..” “there’s a delivery cost.” She interrupted me again.
I said “okay” and then she hung up on me… I was okay with the delivery cost and I was even okay with coming to pick the pizza up… I’m hungry… I love dominos….
so I called back quite a few times and she just wouldn’t answer my call. I just wanted some damn pizza…. I was tired and sore and dirty and just down right exhausted.
I’m pretty tore up on this matter. I don’t typically make complaints but I don’t feel comfortable ordering from this particular location now.
The first phone call was made at 8:32pm on April 8th.
I would be eating domino right now but unfortunates I’m eating Harry’s.
I thought you should know and I hope you are not losing business due to her.
Thank you for reading.

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Suggested solution:

The employee responsible should be reprimanded and I would like my free pizza... ):
Am I crazy??

Thought you’d want to know.
Thought you’d want to know.
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