Complaint: Racist and Hazardous work environment

on 09 April 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

The manager Lathe at this particular Dominos have treated me as if I’m his slave and that’s literally. He has accepted money at the end of the night from other employees that was supposed to help close by sweeping and mopping etc. At the end of a long night the employees didn’t feel like it so they simply pay the manager to do there share but instead of the manager doing the work they pocket the money and make me do the work of the other employees. That’s a form of slavery why am I doing all the work but your pocketing the money. Simply because I didn’t no that I was not supposed to be working this much more than everyone else. I felt so, so angry and hurt when I finally found out what was happening. The employee that was doing it revealed to me what was happening after he and I became cool. So I started to tell my manager no I’m not doing the extra work and your getting paid for it so he would get angry and send me home and not allow me to get the rest of my hours for the night. People will get mad at you when you don’t let them use you like they wanted to. Another manager by the name of Will walks around the store chanting black lives matter over and over all day, he annoyed one of the employees by being repetitive so she says can you stop your really annoying and everybody know you don’t mean it and he says, why,? don’t you want to support the Niggers? in front of the entire staff. On April 1, 2021. He than went on to ask one of the black employees did he use to get called a monkey in school. While the staff stood there in shock but not really because he makes comments like this all the time they tell him to apologize to me which he did not. All of these things are done in front of the entire staff. Including him saying he doesn’t want to many black people working at his store at once, hence the large number of Spanish workers there at all times. While the other managers are very discriminatory this particular manager Will is the most openly racist of them all.
Iv been back at work for three days since the corona virus pandemic and already I have been yelled at and made to look stupid and incompetent in front of the entire staff by the Spanish female manager Meena I believe her name is who Iv watched interact speak to and address all of the Spanish employees in a loving and joking kind manor while she talks down to me. I’m not there to make friends I’m there to work. I put my best foot forward in everything I do so while I don’t need her to like me I need her to respect me and also do her job. Iv been threatened by a female Spanish employee who threatened to stab me because I didn’t get out of her way fast enough while this manager Meena stood idly by and said nothing to that staff member She did report the matter to Will however all he said to her was the word is excuse me. And I was thinking to myself no the word is pack up and go home you just created an unsafe work environment. I informed Will that this is a terroristic threat and asked him what’s going to be done about it. I also had a male employee throw boxes on my head because he wanted to get on the oven and I was already on the oven when he came in and apparently he doesn’t work well with others because he didn’t want me at the oven so he did something as childish as that. However it could have caused injury it could have cut me or poked me in the eye. I reported this to Will as well I told him to just look on the camera he will see for himself. But he decided to take the stance that he did and not reprimand them because he feel like he can use them as his allies and they can cover for each other instead. But I’m glad that it was all done in front of the cameras because the guy that threw pizza boxes on top of my head while I was working said that they would say they didn’t see or hear nothing so it was no surprised to me when I voiced my opinion to my manager Will about the threats the violations and the insults he responded a day later saying that nobody knew what I was talking about. He thinks he is untouchable he often says that Mark will never get rid of him because he got his store numbers up and the only thing that Mark will do is transfer him to another store he will never fire him. But he needs to. these people need to be fired they have turned this chain into a racist and hazardous work environment that I don’t feel safe coming to but I am the soul provider of my household and need this job I don’t no what else to do and need something done about this. Iv become depressed and miserable. I witnessed a young black girl work there for one day they treated her so badly on her first day she never returned. I believe if you contacted previous African American employees from this location and interview them you would have than opened up Pandora’s box. Down below I will attach the messages that I sent to Will and his response back .

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They can start with the removal of these employees and management staff.

Racist and Hazardous work environment
Racist and Hazardous work environment
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