Complaint: Rude manager delivery driver

on 11 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Okay so this is not the first time your business was rude as hell I ordered my food he hung up on me once because service wasn’t so good for one then he chargerd me for the 16 pc instead of the deal 10 pc an then when his driver for here got here he was rude because I didn’t hear the correct price he walked off an went to put my stuff back in the car because he couldn’t be patient enough to wait on me to get some change also this isn’t the first time I had issues with this driver when he claimed he knocked at my door for ten min an rand the bell but my room is right by the door went Bak to the store then told me I’d I wanted him to redeliver I would need to come to the front gate need I remind you I live in the back an it was raining without a car with my three ye old I’my home …so this time after he leaves o get in the house my I don’t have any of my sauces an I don’t have my icing an my cinnamon twist look as if they were dropped an all my cinnamon is on the bottom of the box barley any on the bread an the manager told me I was the problem to order from a different store next time an hung up on me I live right in front of the dominoes in the condos not even give min trip to come back an fix my order an this is the kind of service you give because is late an you think I’m a teenager which I’m not I’m a grown 33yr old woman with kids who deserves the same respect as any one else !!!!!!! An not to mention MY SODA WAS SHAKEN ALL UP THAT MY 1 YR OLD IS NOW WEARING IT !!!!

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Suggested solution:

I want to be contacted back an you tell me how you want to be treated as a customer an you as the owner manager corperate of this business owner would fix this . Me as a restaurant manager an over ten yrs in customer service knows how this should be fixed but we shall see ...

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