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on 05 May 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I am so disappointed with the service me and my mother received. My mother placed an order by phone, but realized she only had $50 bills after hanging up. She called the store back to ask if that was OK and the manager said that the driver would not have change. She asked if I could call to pay by card and was told I could. I called and called. Got put on hold so long that by the time the driver got there I was still holding. He said he could not let her have the pizza without payment, but he could not get the store to answer either and my mother does not have a card to use. I ended up using the app to pay for a pizza and asked that he tell the store not to make it because I am only trying to pay for my mother’s pizza. I got a call 20 minutes later from another driver saying he was outside. I explained the ordeal and he said not to worry about it.

Now, I just received a call from the manager (she says she is, but didn’t give me her name) and she was very nasty! She said I didn’t pay for the pizza, so I tried to explain what happened but she cut me off just yelling you can’t do that! I told her that my 74 year old mother was starving and they wouldn’t release the pizza to her, but nobody was answering at the store to pay for it no matter how long I held. I get they may be shortstaffed, but I have been ordering from there for 20 years so I was just shocked at how I was being spoken to. Then she told me not to worry about, that she will just note that they are not to deliver to my mother’s address, which is the only reason I even have the app on my phone. I don’t eat there, but always order it for my mom. I’m very disgusted. I have never been spoken to like that by any business. I don’t know if she is tired or frustrated, but there is no excuse for how she handled me.

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Take my mother off the do not deliver list and please talk to the manager at this location. She is representing your brand horribly.

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