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on 24 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I frequently order from this Domino’s location and on September 22, 2020 I ordered online as I usually do because it was my son’s 10th birthday and he loves Domino’s. Since I was at home setting up for his birthday celebration my husband went to pick up the food. So I placed the order in his name and had the ation email sent to his gmail account in case he needed to refer to it. The order was placed at 6:58 p.m. and the online tracker showed that the pizza was ready at 7:23 p.m. The location is right around the corner from us so my husband went there early and waited. He texted me at 7:25 p.m. and said he was still waiting and I replied that the tracker said it was ready. He called and said that they told him one pizza was ready and that the other one was still in the oven. After that they said nothing else. I told him I ordered 2 medium handmade pizzas with light sauce and extra pepperoni for $20 and some change. He stated that he gave them cash (a $20 bill a $10 bill) and they gave him $9 back. He also checked his gmail and saw that the order was placed for the 2 pizzas. At 7:35 p.m. he called upset stating that no one had said anything else about the other pizza and by this time no one had even addressed the other 2 customers that had came in. So he told the only guy working there that he can cancel the order and give his money back. The guy told him I cannot give you your money back but I can credit it in a couple of days. My husband became furious and told the guy that he had been there for a long time just trying to get pizza for his son’s birthday and that no one had given him an update or apologized for the inconvenience. He also mentioned that while one pizza is still being cooked the other is now getting cold. When he asked the guy why he couldn’t get his cash back the guy simply shrugged his shoulders. So my husband asked for the manager and that is when the guy said I am the manager. My husband told him you have to either give me my money back or compensate me in some way for having to wait this long. The guy told him he’d get a free soda. My husband was unimpressed by the guy’s overall demeanor but accepted the free soda since the guy wasn’t trying to help in any other way. My husband was upset and felt helpless at the same time, his son’s birthday was quickly being tainted by this unfortunate completely preventable event. When the guy handed my husband the 2 pizzas 15 minutes later he did not even give the free soda, my husband had to ask for it. The guy just handed it to him without even saying anything, not even an apology. Meanwhile back at home our kids and guests were waiting for the food, becoming very hungry which messed up our scheduled plans for the evening. So it is safe to say that they just lost a valued customer.

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I feel that they honestly had an oversight and did not realize that there was 2 pizzas on the order until my husband asked about the 2nd one and they then put it in the oven, telling him that it was still cooking. The reason I feel this way is because I've NEVER heard of any pizza place cooking the pizzas separately for one order, they are usually done at the same time. And if that is the case they should've simply admitted the error on their end, apologized for it and provided the pizzas for free in an effort to make up for the inconvenience. It shouldn't have taken it for my husband to become upset in order for them to provide a free soda (even though that wasn't much). The fact that they acted that way with him I was embarrassed for him. It is not worth being treated like that so we are done with them.

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