Complaint: Horrible customer service from the assistant manager

on 23 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I order my pizza online and paid for it. I get to the store and see the directions to call the store upon arrival. I left the house without my phone. Big mistake cause this kid who claims he’s the assistant manager wouldn’t give me my food without calling the store. I’m waiting outside where he can see me. I’m patient cause he taking an order. Then he hangs up the phone and ignores me at the door and begins to make pizzas. I knocked on the glass and he signals me to call. I say I don’t have my phone. He continues to ignore me. Goes to the back and grabs something and continues to make pizza. I continue to knock, I want my food I paid for. He then send so co worker to the door and ask what do I want. I said I want my pizza and that kids name he was rude and ignored. He went back inside talked to the other kid again. Came back out put my pizza on the table and said I need to leave now they don’t want no problems. I responded with you already created a problem. So I still didn’t get the assistant manager name. So a delivery driver is coming back to the store I ask home what is that kids name in the store kinda told him about the situation, he listened went inside talked to the other 2 and then the assistant manager came out. But only to ask me what do I want and to tell me to stop harassing his driver. But you couldn’t come to the door earlier and provide customer service. Instead he ignores me creates a problem doesn’t address it and then after creating a problem he now wants to come out and be a manager. Managers are suppose to De-escalate and not create issues with customers. Horrible customer service by all 3 employees.

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I want a refund for my pizza I had to fight to get

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