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on 13 July 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Where do we begin. At 8:12 last night I placed my order. At 8:23 the order was being quality checked. At 8:53 Sean was on his way. Now mind you I was told when ordering my order will take 36 to 37 minutes. I had kids waiting and we just got back home from an 8 hour drive. We figured we would order for some quick good food. Well that never happened. It takes 10 minutes to get to my house from your store on lake street. At 9:12 I called and said it was now an hour. I spoke to some kid whose only answer to me was I don’t know I just work here. Ummm I know you work there but don’t insult me with something stupid like that. At 9:40 I made my final call to Kelsie I was told they were busy. How busy is it from 8:53 to 9:40 that our food was still not here. Kelsie was nice but it doesn’t solve the problem. My grand kids went to bed with no supper then my wife couldn’t wait. Kelsie told me she would refund my money and when I call again I will get the same order for free. First why do I have to wait 3 to 5 business days to get my money. Someone should come here and bring it to me. Then what makes you think I would order again. How dare your company make 2 kids go to sleep with no food, don’t have the balls to call and say we are busy and running a little behind. This is by far the worst service ever and there is no excuse. I want my money now delivered to me along with my order. I will go to Little Caesar’s from now on and never I mean never call or use Dominos again. The kid who answered the phone the first time should be fired he is only hurting your business and Kelsie did a fine job but this matter was now beyond her level.

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I want my money back now I want my food delivered as soon as it can be and I want a formal apology from someone at Dominos for what they did not to me but to my grand kids. It was disgusting and even they told me not to order from you. Below is some proof of calls and even time Sean left. Tell me how you justify that. If photos didn’t come out I can send them to you

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