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on 28 July 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I ordered 1 medium pizza for dinner. I showed up a little later to pick up the pizza because when I show up when the app says it is ready it is never ready and I end up waiting another 10 minutes or more. The employees always say the app is wrong on time. I pulled Into a space as close as I could get at the time and checked in and turned my hazard lights on. I waited 15 minutes before I tried to call a couple of times to let them know I had been outside for a while. Several other cars were served before me when I was there first. I understand it’s contactless delivery and I was trying to respect that but no one had come to my car or would answer the phone. I tried to open the door without entering the store to let them know I had been outside for a long time and someone who was cooking yelled at me to get out (I had a mask on). I tried to tell her I had been waiting a long time and she yelled at me again to get out. It’s one thing to ask me to step out and it’s another to be very rude and yell. I went back to my car and waited another 5 minutes. Still no one came. I even moved my car to a closer place when it was open. Nothing. I called again and this time someone answered but asked me to hold as soon as they answered. Finally when the worker came out to greet another car (I was still on hold inside) he came and asked what I needed I told him and informed him I had been waiting outside for over 20 minutes and that why I came to the door. He just said sorry and asked for my name. He went back inside and served another car that was here after me before going back inside and doing a few other things (I could see inside the clear glass windows the whole time). He finally brought my single pizza out and it looked terrible. We order from here all the time and have never had issues before. Spent $17 on a pizza that was barely even warm anymore. Very disappointed in the way I was treated and the whole experience.

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Be more attentive and kind to customers. I worked in the food industry so I’m much more patient than most and understanding when it’s a busy time. Never yell at a customer when they had caused no issue. I hadnt even
entered the building. Just the door to inform them of the problem when the phone wasn’t reachable. Clearly the hazards don’t work for all calls because mine was in plain sight and on the entire time. I even checked in on the app and by text. The pizza runner needs to be more attentive to what’s in the parking lot. I watched him serve cars without hazards so I don’t understand that process. Ultimately work better on your customer service. How you speak to someone makes a huge difference.

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