Complaint: Changes in sauces and wings.

on 18 August 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Dominos has recently changed their hot sauce. The new one is ok, but the old one was the BEST! It was one of the reasons I chose Dominos over other places to get wings. Your old wings were ok (little soggy) unless you cooked them crispy, then they were great. I would call in every Tuesday to get them cooked extra I only eat mine plain, and with your old hot sauce and your great ranch, it was a winning combination. The new wings are ok, too, you don’t have to cook them extra for them to taste better. Alas,It is with great regret that I will be looking for other places to get my wings, since your new sauce is just ok, not great.

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It would be great if they would offer the old sauce. The Dominos at Holden Beach caps their own hot sauce (which is Texas Pete). I will not be going back there to eat. Fayetteville has always had the great sauces, and it is sad to think I will have to find the hot sauce from a distributor to go with my wings now. I have been eating Dominoes pizza since 1982 when I went to ECU in Greenville, NC. I have been eating their wings since they came out. One other thing would be nice too, a comment section on your Dominos app so that when I want my wings extra crispy, I can put it on there, not have to call the store. The employees have enough to do without answering a call they should not have to answer if I could include it with my order.

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