Dollar Tree complaint: Where to begin???

on 10 July 2022 about Dollar Tree in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I love watching YouTube videos which describe new products featured at Dollar Tree or creations that people make with products purchased there as well. And to be clear these bloggers clearly state the DT is not paying for their endorsement. Why is it that the stores featured in these videos
are always in pristine condition? Not one item out of place.Very inviting.
Come to NY and see what a mess there is to be found at our local stores.
Granted customers are mostly to blame for this upheaval in the stores.
But staff cannot stock, restock,blow balloons and cashier all at the same time.

Suggested solution:

The solution? It's a no brainer. Hire overnight staff to put the place
back the way it should be. Or hire more daytime staff to do the same.
Perhaps you are only interested in an online
customer. So be it. Close the store.
It certainly is no fun to have to step over merchandise to get down an
What started out as a great shopping experience has turned into
a total nightmare. and one has other options for more pleasant shopping.

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