Complaint: Store Condition

on 30 March 2022 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I visited the store yesterday, 3292022, and the condition of the store is absolutely unsettling. You can’t get through the isle ways because there is so much stuff on the floors. Every time I am there, the staff is conversating in what I think is the office area, and all the products that need to be put on shelves are blocking the aisleway, emergency exits, and products for the customers to get to. The floors are so dirty, and you can’t even see through the windows anymore because of the yellow film on them. Not to mention the dust on the bottom vents to the coolers is a fire hazard. This store used to be the nicest one in town but not for the past couple of years. It’s unsanitary and unsafe if there is an emergency. This isn’t the first time I have made a complaint regarding this store, but this time I have taken pictures of the store and the conditions and will be making a formal complaint with the health department since it’s getting worse! Disabled people cannot even shop in this store because of all the carts they have put all over the store to stock the shelves and all of the products that are supposed to be on shelves on the floor. They close the store at 4 pm on Sundays, and when you go there Monday, nothing is put away or cleaned. This is the only Dollar General store that closes their doors at 4pm.

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Suggested solution:

They need better management, and they need to shut this store down and have a company come in and reorganize the place and train employees and management on how to stock shelves and run a structured environment. They also need to hire someone to clean the place because it is sad the way it looks. It is starting to make our nice neighborhood look nasty. Dollar General should be very disappointed in the way their store looks.

Store Condition
Store Condition
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