Complaint: services not done as i was told they did !

on 30 January 2021 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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on jan 25th my wife and i were in this store location the time we checked out was 12:53 the associate that was checking us out was on the phone the whole time ! She was thin and farely tall ! While we were checking out i asked her 3 times if this location was a fedex drop off location ! She told me each time yes we were a drop off location! So today i drove 15 miles each way and made a special trip ! While at the location i had a basket full of items to purchase ! I i told the girl who was at the check out area ! I had a fedex drop off ! she said we dont do that here ! i told her i was told on the 25th that you were ! she got very huffy and started asking me who i talked to and what she looked like ! i told her then she called a young man from the back ! He started the 3rd degree again ! He was was so rude not a good associate ! im sure he was some type of management ! he kept riding me and got loud and so i said never mind ! and so i set my basket full of items down on the floor and started to walk out ! at that time he started hollering at me to never come back to this store ! then he ran out the store behind me and hollering at me the whole time dont you ever come back to this store ! The associate was a white male stocky build beard and fuzzy hair ! He has no worries i will never walk into the location ! I have never been treated in such a way before ! worked in retail most all my life and would never treat a customer in such a manner and i would have lost my job !

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First i would have said in the beginning of our conversation i was sorry i was told that and refer to the nearest store that i could drop off my fedex package ! I just could not believe how he reacted to my issue ! i checked myself and there was a walgreens in the next town so i stopped and they were able to help me !

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