Complaint: Wrongfully denied

on 28 January 2021 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

My complaint is that Direct Express debit card company(who is employed by Comerica Bank) wrongfully denied my claim of fraud. While I was in county jail someone broke into my mother’s home and stole paperwork related to my Social Security Disability back pay,birth certificate and Direct Express debit card mail. With these documents these people found out about a SSDI back pay payment being sent to Direct Express. Apparently they cancelled my card and had a new card mailed to them. They activated card and spent all my money within a week and I didn’t even know until I called from jail and my mom told me. She made a police report and called Direct Express she said. I also made a police report from within jail on this matter . This happened in June of 2018. I was incarcerated from May 24th 2018 to April 23rd 2020. When I was released I contacted Direct Express and they told me they had closed the fraud case. After multiple calls and being in hold for hours,hung up on and being treated like I should just accept the $8,000 loss I finally got a supervisor to agree to looking into re-opening my claim of fraud. They had me jumping through hoops and made more difficult because Covid-19 was raging. I faxed and emailed everything they asked for.vI was in contact with their authentication department who had me prove my identity with the Social Security office. I did all this and was told they would let me know. I called and called and always got the run a round. I sent police reports,handwritten statement with claim,proof of incarcerations and everything they wanted. In December 2020 they sent a Fraud Investigations Questionnaire which asked for specific dates,amounts and merchants so because they wouldn’t allow me an online account to view my statements I had to request one be mailed. The same day I received my transaction statement I received a denial letter for my claim and it doesn’t even list an option for appeal. I’ve been a victim of fraud while incarcerated and then treated unfairly ,I believe, by Direct Express. I requested they send their reason for stating there wasn’t any fraud. Currently waiting.

Suggested solution:

Refund my money because surely this incident falls under the Electronic funds Transfer Act and backed by U.S Treasury. All my claims are %100 true. I need my money back! I kept notes on how many times I contacted them,dates and hold times. This isn't good business practice. At least offer a chance to appeal. I religiously pursued this matter and Direct Express never gave me an honest chance becaus e if they looked at the facts then this is a clear case of fraud.

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