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on 30 January 2021 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Frad with in there call center. My Direct express card keeps being canceled. I am reassured that no one can call in and change my address without access to my cell phone where I have a pin they text me and I verify the pin number, but I now have been charged 7 times for fraudulent charges of new cards to be sent to other addresses. The assure me that they cancel the most recent card ,and a new one is sent to my correct address, reading back all the current correct information. They tell me I will receive my new card in 2 business days and I will be charged and they will make a note of what happened, and that they will dispute the charges for me. Not kidding or exaggerating this has happened 7 times. I am now negative in my account, and have no recent cards because they are sending them somewhere else. I’ve filed Identity theft, and will file a scam report and police report if this doesn’t get taken care of. My SSA benefits are on my direct express card.

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Suggested solution:

Give me my card to my address and stop hacking my account.

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