Complaint: Why is my account is negative $549.97

on 25 July 2020 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

July 1st I pay my phone bill online of $83 I get $783 every month on the 1st and my balance was $94 why and how I don’t know I call Direct Express informed them they cancel my card and gave me a replacement card with $94 on there and then credit me of $549 on the on the 21st of July and then I go to Chase Bank located 7131 South Jeffery Boulevard at 1:30 a.m. and withdrawal $150 out the ATM machine but the dispensers did not give me no funds out the machine it only gave me a receipt and my card back so then I call Direct Express back inform them about this dispute here they talked about I owe them $549.97 how old and why only kind of bathing you send me no dispute data or nothing I had did it on my own I’m faxing the information everything but I have to owe them is wrong can I get some type of help about my funds

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Help me with this negative $ $549.97 and how can I get the rest of my refund of my hundred fifty dollars from the ATM machine did not dispense it at Chase Bank located 7131 South Jeffery Boulevard

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