Complaint: Refusing to help me because of wrong email and phone number that already was updated

on 18 November 2020 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I’m making this complaint because I had disputed filed a I had to cancel my card because of a school that is fraud it’s a scam and the school refused to cancel and I called direct Express and I waited two and a half hours to get to somebody to see what was going on with my dispute and I had updated all my information with the regular customer service and they switched me over to my bank the fraud line and she asked me every thing all the information I gave her all the information that was updated I had to take my email because identity theft and I had to get a new phone number because my phone was stolen so and my bank said that they couldn’t help me at this time that I had to send all these copies of my IDs I tried to email them with the email address that they provided me with and it said address not found I don’t mind you know I just got my new cards and everything the other day and I’m very disappointed because I have rent to pay and I’m trying to get that $69.99 back on my card and she refused to help me saying that was not the right information that’s not what they got in their computer and I already updated all the information so I don’t understand what the problem is and all I want is my money back on my card so I keep that will be for half of my rent because I have to pay rent this Monday I pay weekly and I need that $69.99 back on my card so that way I can give my landlord after the rent money I would appreciate it if somebody can call me so we can get this figured out cuz I’ve been having issues with direct Express quite a few times on disputing and stuff like that and I have sent all the proof that they needed that’s why I don’t call them because I’m on the phone for hours and I just don’t get nowhere

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Suggested solution:

The way that they can resolve it is that I want my money refunded from the school that took out my money and also they need to look into the computer because every time that they ask me for my social security number my date of birth my full name I am that person and I give them all my information stating as who I am I should not have an issue with any of that because I am who I say I am and I just want to be refunded to $69.99 back on my card because when I when they canceled it because of it they took $4 out of my bank and now I'm negative $1.77 they keep making my bank account negative so the way they can resolve it is by doing the dispute and refunding me my money from the school I took my money out and also to do their job

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