Complaint: My dispute never was investigated but was denied

on 01 February 2022 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I am a victim of being not only by the person that stole the only income I receive but my direct express I had went to jail 92421 -121121 I spoke to my landlord and he agreed to me paying him for the next three months and hold my rental until I was released and i didnt know that while I was in jail my card was being used. When i was released i couldn’t find my card so i reported it stolen with direct express on 121621 after file a police report i faxed the police report and the proof that i was in jail per the supervisor request 121921 i called 122021 to verify that my fax was received the rep told me they did I informer that I needed to pay my rent that I owed for the last 3 12 months asked if I was in a hardship being that they had until 122521 to apply the provincial credit she spoke with a supervisor and told me that i would be getting the hardship applied an would see it on the card within 24-48hrs after talking to my landord an updating him with what was told me 122521 I waited out the 48 hrs only for me to call on the day the supervisor told. Me that i would have it on my card which it wasn’t the rep when told me I was denied and their reason was because who stole my money had went to a store that i have been to which they consider that as me being the one doing the transactions i clearly could have done them when I gave them proof that I was locked up… long store short I was told they were going to Exult it which is getting them review it to decide if they want to reopen the dispute they supervisor told me was to sent which was the same doc I had already sent but I did this time via email and 122721 after being on hold for over 3 hrs I was denied again another exultation was submitted an 123121 I was told once again I was denied for reason other then the thief happened to use my card at the same place I have once did my shopping please help me I am getting evicted have not only physical disabilities but I have mental health issues an I am being token advantage of

Suggested solution:

I would like for my dispute to be properly looked at and for them to apply my funds back to my card they stole 4061 of my Ssa and have not even gave me 1 cent back

My dispute never was investigated but was denied
My dispute never was investigated but was denied
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