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I get my money from SSI SSDI ON the first and the 3rd of each month I only get $814.00 a month which is WELL BELOW poverty level and I need my money to be able to survive.this month my reg 2 checks were deposited total amount $814.00 i was still waiting for the 3rd stimulus to be deposited on April 5, 2021 i spent a little over $5.00 at Walmart and got $100 cash back to pay a bill didn’t spend anymore on April 7 2021 $1400.00 stimulus was directly deposited in my direct express acct that i have been needing DESPERATELY bringing total in my acct to $1909.88 because a couple bills had been paid by auto pay on The morning of April 8,2021 around 7am i went to transfer $100 to another card I have and have been doing every month for the past 5 months without ANY PROBLEMS But this time it kept saying your Bank has denied transfer or transaction. I tried 2 more times and get the same reply! I tried to pay a bill of $2.99 yes that’s 2 dollars and 99 cents and direct express declined the transaction where I have $1900.00 in my account! So I start calling The ONLY number they have for us with an account to call and my first call made to 888-741-1115 was placed at 7:45am on April 8, 2021 where i was met with a recording due to a high volume of calls please go to express .com or you may try your call at a later time! I called i SO MANY TIMES I LOST COUNT where I was put on hold for 1-2-3 hours only to get hung up on, when I FINALLY DO get a real person on the line after being online another Hour i explain to the girl that my card is not working and the transfers that I’d been making with no problems for the past 5 months all the sudden are being denied and i want to know why she proceeds to tell me because we suspect fraudulent activity I said how is that I only went to the same store I’ve been to thousands times in the past few years and tried to make the exact same transfers for the exact same amount ive made for the past 5 months on the exact same card she then proceeds to tell me yes I’m sorry but it is considered fraudulent activity and I will have to transfer you to the number 2 level where they will have to remove the order and ok your transfers because I can’t i said I have been trying to call this number for HOURS with not one break not even a restroom break and I FINALLY get a real person AFTER waiting on hold for an Hour THIS TIME and your telling me you have to transfer me to level 2!? Are they going to Answer or am i going to Be put on hold for Another few hours? She said oh no they will answer and get this resolved for you, I said ugh ok I sure hope so, by this time 7:30am when I started trying to get someone to resolve the issue had turned into 4:30pm I’m once AGAIN put on Hold to be transferred to whatever level 2 is and once again 5:00comes and goes then 5:30 comes and goes but I’m determined I’m a Staying on this phone UNTIL SOMEBODY at Level 2 answers and takes the freeze off my card FINALLY at 6:30 a lady’s voice comes on and says Direct Express how can I help you so I start to explain the problem and she says Hello Direct Express What Can i help you with? I said Yes Hello and start explaining Again and in the middle of my sentence she Says i CANNOT hear you i mean I dont hear anyone I’m going to and I say I KNOW YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN HEAR ME, the lady: I’m disconnecting i Say DO NOT HANG UP SHE FREAKIN HANGS UP, I was BESIDE MYSELF OH HOW I WISH I COULD HAVE REACHED THROUGH THE DADGUM PHONE! The REAL KICKER IS 2 months ago there was an unauthorized charge on my direct express debit card that TRULY was fraudulent called FunTap VN with the phone number 1900636452 i HAVE NO CLUE WHO OR WHAT THAT IS ALL I KNOW ITS SOMEWHERE IN VIETNAM and the number does NOT WORK BUT DO YOU THINK DIRECT EXPRESS DECLINED THAT TRANSACTION 2 of them as a matter of fact! They let both of them go through and not one peep about Fraudulent activity when it’s OBVIOUS IT WASNT ME! I’m SO TIRED OF THEM JUST ABSOLUTELY NOT GIVING A CRAP ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DEFINITELY DO NOT GET ENOUGH MONEY TO LIVE ON AND BARELY ENOUGH TO SURVIVE FOR 2 maybe 3 weeks if we are real careful!

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They should take the hold off my money and stop playing with peoples lives who are already STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO HOLD OUR MONEY HOSTAGE WITHOUT EVEN AN EMAIL, Txt, or Phone Call letting us know they suspect their may have been some fraudulent activity and could we please check to see if we made the charges or do we see charges that we did not authorize like most banks and when we know for a fact there has been transactions made that we did Not authorize and you do nothing about and you never pay back the real fraudulent charges they always come back from your so called INVESTIGATIONS WITH A BIG FAT CLAIM DENIED

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wiskyman62 (@wiskyman62)
3 months ago

Direct Express wants you to do all the foot work when it comes to filing a complaint against transactions. You first got to file a police report about your card being lost or stolen. Then you have to make sure you doing it within a time frame otherwise they wont except it. I had my whole SSI check taken out of my account & I filed a police Report & everything & my case was denied. But yet they told me that they did a full investigation, that in itself was a joke cause if they would have done that,… Read more »