Detroit Water and Sewerage Department complaint: No water and low pressure

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My complaint:

I been calling since October 8th complaining Abt my water and my first call was October 8th, second call October 9th, third called Monday 10th and my fourth called Tuesday 11th still no body has came out toy address. They claim someone cam out and knocked on my door and it was not my address. The next door neighbor came to me and told me they was at someone else’s house and not mines. I been call back and forth and still low pressure and no water in my house. I expressed to them my mother and my autism brother are disable and I feel they beating around the bush and keep telling me the same thing. I need help still no service. All I have is phone calls that’s it. My name is Breanna Johnson and my cell number is 313-926-9465.

Suggested solution:

All I'm.askong for them to come fixed my water cause I need it as I mention I still don't have no water and I have 2 disable ppl in the house.

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