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The catch basin on the corner of Ashton and Constance has been out for over 6-8 years. We know it is the catch basin because infall of those years we have had two crews come out and state that this was the problem. we have reported and reported the problem as that is how we got the two crews out in the first place. In the winter cars slip and slide on an ice rink and when there is heavy rain as there has been all this year it floods. The last time in the winter a car came so close to the house sliding across the grass it nearly crashed into the gas meter on the house. This house is the only house still standing on that corner and it gets water insides well. The city will tell you that there are not any consistent reports because reports are filed by the address of the person calling in instead of where the actual problem is so if 10 different houses call about the basin the reports are NOT ASSOCIATED TOGETHER. BUT BEYOND THAT the one standing house on the corner has called so many times but when they call the City will say they can only find one or two reports. LIE… LIE…. LIE!!!! Now because of the ineptitude of all concerned the problem is worse than ever.

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