Complaint: Sexism and islamophobia

on 13 May 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I had my Doctor send in two prescriptions for pain (non-narc). CVS flat out said You don’t need them woman! I said I had refills on them and they lectured me I’m not even allowed to say hello or they’d call the police and have me beaten and raped. Then they insisted I that the last time I got refills was May of 2021. I said No, I saw the Doctor in January of THIS YEAR! They called me a liar and told me to shut up or I’m banned! So next time I have to go for my heartbp meds if they deny me or give me the wrong prescription I’m not allowed to say anything or I’m banned for being a terrorist! CVS has gone way too far with women hating and islamophobia! CVS at 4627 N. Main Columbia SC needs SHUT DOWN RIGHT NOW! I wish my insurance covered another pharmacy. It doesn’t.

Suggested solution:

Shut the store down now!

Comment by poster of the complaint Vexie

1 week ago - NOTE: The staff called him a cripple. Very derogatory behavior by CVS!

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