Complaint: Disrepect Poor Service

on 02 June 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

On 05312022, I responded to the above to pick up a prescription for a scheduled procedure for Thursday. I was informed at the prescription pick-up counter had no prescription for me. I contacted my physician’s office and the prescription was resent. On 06012022, at approximately 10:30am, I responded to the above CVS. The prescription counter reported no prescription for me and was referred tot he consolation counter. Records check showed the prescription but was informed that it was not covered under my insurance. Upon inquiring and being informed that there was a genetic alternative, I was informed to have my doctor call in another prescription. This was ed via a three-way phone call between CBS pharmacy, Doctor’s office and myself that the prescription for the genetic alternative was ed and that it would be at the prescription counter to pick up. I returned to the CVS prescription counter at 3:45 pm where I was informed again that I had no prescription and again was referred to the consolation counter. Records check showed that genetic alternative was ed and there was no reason why it was not ready. The worker behind the consolation counter stated that she would have to go to inventory and that It would take approximately 15 minutes. I informed the worker that I would wait for the prescription. During this time I am walked the aisles shopping and waited for the prescription in full view of the workers.. After 25 minutes I waited again on the prescription counter line. At 4:30 pm I requested if my prescription would be ready soon only to find that the prescription was next to the register. I asked how long my prescription was there only to hear the worker state she called my name earlier. I replied that I have been here and she had made eye contact with me and noticed I was standing on the line again only to get the same answer. I asked to speak with a manager only to be referred back to the consolation counter. After waiting another 20 minutes, I asked to speak with a manager or a person in charge which I was intormed by a worker Maruf that she was on vacation. I explained that the worker at the prescription counter intentionally made me wait unnecessary for my prescription. It took the entire day for this prescription and being disrespected by workers at CVS. I want a full investigation and a face to face meeting with the manager.

Suggested solution:

Fire the prescription counter worker. She knew fully who I was and intentionally made me wait unnecessarily for being upset with my prescription not being ready after it was ed.

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