CubeSmart complaint: Poor customer service/rude and unaccommodating manager

Complaint from Caronl reported on 05 May 2024 about CubeSmart

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My complaint:

The manager is extremely rude and unaccommodating. My unit was broke into late March (I think it was the manager) and I’ve been trying to get it cleaned up and sorted through to be able to know everything missing however working until 5 and then directly taking kids to extra curriculars I cannot get to the units until 9 pm. Then access closes at 10. I got write up for being there after hours last night and after seeing that extended access hours are possible with circumstances I asked to be allowed late access and was denied. I also said hello to the two employees as they walked by today and the lady said hello and he blatantly ignored me.

Suggested solution:

Allow extended access hours for a time so I am able to get my unit sorted out and cleaned. It's their fault the security sucks and my things were stolen and trashed. The manager need to be reprimanded for his behavior and wrote up suspended and if he continues to treat customers that way he needs to be fired.

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