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on 14 January 2023 about CubeSmart in category Public Buildings & Spaces

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My complaint:

September 28th, hurricane, devastating. Fort Myers, FL. Called two weeks after to find out about my storage unit, A149. Was told by the manager Ann, was unable to get to the unit because no electric. Received a letter a couple weeks later stating, I needed to come by to if there was any damage to the unit and get things out of there, which we did. We went to the office, spoke to a very nice young man went to the unit with us. He saw the damage and advised Ann about the damage. She pulled up the file and advised us that I had no insurance. I rented this unit in 2013 before it was cube smart. She kept stating it was an act of God. She continued to state this and said there was nothing the company could do. The young man tried to get us another unit somewhere else but to transfer was too expensive. Ann stated call Corporate. That Monday I got a number and name. Name John Valentine made several calls, left numerous messages. Received call back after I said I was going to call corporate. I tried to explain to him he kept stating, You seem to be upset. I finally told when you can help me, please call me back. Never heard from him.
Called, 1112023, and spoke to a very nice man, named Brandon. He took the complaint over the phone and one issue that the auto pay was not cancelled for October and had received refund. He stated he would refer this to higher up. One-hour latter Ann called said corporate called. I told more than once I did not want to talk to her. She began telling me I should listen before I said this. Told her again and hung up. She called 15 minutes later and again and I hung up. Another girl called and I explained to her why I did not want to talk to Ann. We resolved the refund issue, and she sent me an email upon my request, stating move out was complete on 12192022. Question why so long?
I have $3000.00 damage to my belongs and I am told it’s an act of God and I’m upset. If there is nothing can do, you should have your people go through sensitivity training and how deal with a disaster.

Suggested solution:

some monetary and an apology from CubeSmart on how it was handled.

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