Complaint: A Horrible Service Cube Smart

on 03 October 2020 about CubeSmart in category Public Buildings & Spaces

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My complaint:

A formal complaint against the property manager at Cube Smart in Magnolia TX had failure to send out any notice had been over month my payment was due on 9292020 and fee 110.00 was due. I had just happened to called today and Lawrence the employee was about rude she was enjoying the fact try to auction my things without a 30 day notice or 10 day notice for a lien. I called Sherry the manager had decided to go ahead put up for auction without telling me I had called her two weeks ago. All UHAUL storage is supposed to give a grace period of notice. Lawrence cant;t hanging up in my face over and over didn’t want to answer any question whatsoever and rude , unprofessional then Sherry the manager decide to send the notice at 5;59 by email and 10022020 and put on for auction on 10062020 without a proper legal notices. I f I had not called this my things would have been gone. I have paid around this time in the past this has never ever happened.. They just sent out the lien letter today she had exclaimed Lawrence she was very evil, and they both need to be fired . Cherry-picked who they are going to auction without proper notification. Horrible service. Cherry the manager did not give proper notification she sent email afterward I got on the phone today but was planning out auction my things in 3days without send notice legal to my mailbox or email a proper grace period. I intend on file a lawsuit However they had lied to me over and over Lawrence then my things were in hot storage and not in central air.

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Suggested solution:

A payment of the past due balance $110.00 was due the employee had refuse to accept try to make money off my private things in storage which is wrong. My payment of the pay due balance is what is due they just added next month of service which I have not received at all . I'm responsible for the 110.00 fee and the lien that is it I'm willing to pay that fee today asap. Sherry Redden you must accept the past due balance you did not provide service this month or a 30 day notices

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