Complaint: This company behaves like it is trying to scam people.

on 10 January 2022 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

Back in November 2020 my account was hacked and sent to like 10 different places and I never received anything informing me and they withdrew all the funds from my account. This app did nothing to inform me and 2 weeks later I look and my account is empty. Now since then they have been giving me the run around on getting the funds back and it’s messed up because it was easier for someone to steal my money than it is to get it back. First they wanted a picture with my face and some bs words and I didn’t feel comfortable doing that yet after a while I do it. Now they tell me that doesn’t work and they need a video of me speaking those words because they wouldn’t accept the picture after I did everything they said. This is terrible business and I feel this company does that so customers won’t try and get there money back.

Suggested solution:

They should have given me money money that was stolen and it shouldn't be this hard. I'm sick of this company and don't want it to happen to others.

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