Cracker Barrel complaint: Discussing tables

on 16 May 2023 about Cracker Barrel in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

The table I was sat at looked like it just came from sone type of antique store, it was so scuffed up I ask to be moved and the hostess ssid there is nothing wrong with it it’s sealed well I touched it and it is rough and a breading ground fir germs with thousands of people touching the tables I know you clean them but being in the restaurant business prior it is a breading ground for germs and this info should be turned over to the health inspectors . Not all the tables are like tgat but tge ones that are should be pulled from the dining room and replaced .

Suggested solution:

Have tge tables redone or at least removed from the dining room and replaced it’s a health issue

Discussing tables
Discussing tables
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