Cosmopolitan Projects complaint: Poor workmanship

Complaint from Lin-dee reported on 06 June 2024 about Cosmopolitan Projects

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My complaint:

I do not even know were to begin as i am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED and DISAPPOINTED by the service i received from Cosmopolitan.

I logged an enquiry and complaint with the company on 21 May 2024 and again on the 24th due to poor workmanship. I noticed that my geyser has not been working since the week on the 13th of May, however i only managed to log a claim with my insurance company on the 20th after enquiring with my neighbours if they were experiencing the same problem. A plumber was sent the same day and upon checking, he found that everything else was fine but that the problem was with the installation of the panels as no glue was installed on the panel. My insurance company advised that they do not cover panels and that i had to pay an access fee of R1250 so it could be fixed, but i felt that this was not right as it was a fault with their installation, so they referred me to Cosmo but they just sent me a text advising me that my 1 year warranty expired, no call to hear what the issue was. I then called and was told the same and that there was nothing they could do. Its now been a month and i have still not received any assistance with this. Even after i begged and went to their offices, they were not symphatetic and showed not care.

I moved in on 16 Dec 2022, meaning i have been there for a year and 6 months and understand that the warranty has lapsed but this was an installation fault by their plumbers or manufacturer and feel that they should assist in this regard.

Can i please please please get assistance in this regard as i have been struggling to get a proper warm bath for a month, when i pay for rates and taxes.

Suggested solution:

By Monday 10 June 2024, the latest as i have been too understanding and lenient towards them.

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