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I am Sabrina, a first responder . I work as a surgical scrub in LD at O’Connor Hospital here in San Jose ca, everyday I walk into the Hospital I put my life and my family’s life on the line to help other people and yet durning this time I can’t get any help from these companies that say and advertise how there here helping there customers! First IRS withheld my full tax refund at beginning of March saying I owed for a student loan !? A student loan to my records should have already been resolved they garnished my wages a couples years back for a year and a half! Then IRS tells me I don’t qualify for my stimulus check!? So I get nothing??? I thought EVERYONE was to get a stimulus check? Especially the ones who really really need it! Then my IPhone stops working I contacted ATT and Apple and NOONE could resolve the issue so I was FORCED to buy a new iPhone at FULL price because I need a phone for work! So no help from either ATT or Apple and constantly being told my phone bill is due! Yes I know ! Then Comcast turns off my cable and tells me I have to pay my full past due to turn it back on! So I had no choice but to pay it so I could have my WiFi and a tv to watch , since I work 12 hr night shifts at work tv is my ONLY comfort ! So again this month Comcast again tells me I don’t qualify for help?! I am outraged! As a first responder I am making less than someone on unemployment! I am barely able to pay my bills! I have to push out my tent each month , and have to decide whether I am going to eat! Or pay my bills??? As it is I live on rice and soup! Again I’m putting my self at risk but I can’t even afford to eat!

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I would like my tax refund or at least my stimulus check! I would like ATT and Apple to pay for my phone they could not fix or help me to fix ! And that I get a break on my phone bill! And I would like COMCAST to give me a break on my bill! And if I have to pay late I have to pay late without the threat of turning off my cable! And then continuing to add charges and fees to my account. I need help!!! Please I am drowning here! With NO LIFE SUPPORT! Thank You

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