Complaint: No Help Advice given by Coinbase Help or Support

on 20 January 2022 about Coinbase in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I first started this complaint 13th 12 21 under ticket 09005611 – you asked me to contact the [email protected] which I did with NO Result.

In September 2021 I started with Coinbase at which time you directed me to communicate with [email protected] – I was unhappy with the numerous requests to transfer money to Coinbase My assets are now £114,000.00. Coinbase responded -Rule is ‘Cash Flow Registration’ is always between 0-50% – I asked why am I now at 86%?
This question was not answered but ‘Help’ stated they do not recognise [email protected] and I should only communicate with a domain ending as [email protected]
As I was directed to use the digital domain by coinbase now to be told you do not recognise this – then please tell me who (xxxxx) should I communicate with? To this I have not had a response – only a note to say the complaint ticket is now closed.
The Cash I have transferred – as good will and trust – now in my assets with Coinbase I am now told this is Non- Refundable. How can you requisition my money and then refuse to return this to my bank?
My current position – I have deposited a wallet with BTC and want to exchange this to GBP transferring to my UK Bank. Every request for more cash by Coinbase has been made by me. [email protected] told me I have the green light for transfer to complete. Blockchain held this up asking me for another £16000.00 Also digital-support ed in an email I must forward a further £16000.00. This I did to the instruction given by both parties – only now to be told OH that should have been more to cover our expenses and I should have known that . I must now transfer another £17000.00.
Remember at the same time I am told any money transferred to Coinbase is non-refundable.

To conclude this is a terrible saga by Coinbase over 4 months to conduct a simple transaction. Giving one instruction only to distance yourself from it. When who should I communicate with – no answer case closed. What help is that?
Then to be told my money is requisitioned by Coinbase – on what grounds can you do that?
All I want to know is what have I do now to bring this saga to a close?
Going to ‘Help’ as you requested has confused the position more – then they closed the case – presumably it was too difficult to resolve?.
I have asked ‘support’ to resolve this case with a automated reply on the 60122 we will respond asap. – No further reply.

I once again ask you for help guidance to resolve this sad problem. From my experience when I was in business I would be horrified to get a letter like this about my Company.

Regards Derek Wynell-Mayow.

Suggested solution:

Answer my questions

My photo and ID is within Coinbase system.

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