Complaint: Lost my XRP to XRP scan

on 20 September 2021 about Coinbase in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

My name is Donald grundborg. I’ve been a customer for quite a while. I lost over $5000 of XRP. It was sitting in Coinbase forever because it was untradable. So I sent it to XRP Scan. I’m not sure how I was able to do that but when I go to XRP on Coinbase I can track it. But I have no idea how to move it into my bank account using the addresses that are needed. I’m 100% disabled American veteran. My ship during the first Gulf War hit two lines and blew up. Sometimes my thinking is not where it should be. I lost a lot of money in my mind and I have no idea how to get it back I beg you for help please help me it’s a matter of being able to feed my family or not it’s very bad. Please call me at 516-830-1483 or send me a message to What’s instructions on how and what I need to do. On Coinbase I know exactly how to put money in and buy my crypto. And sell my crypto. It was great. Then XRP became on tradable. I was lost. I found out I can send it to I guess another wallet. At XRP scan. So my problem is it’s stuck there and I have no clue how to move it back into my bank account where it belongs because it’s my money please for Gods sake help me

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Suggested solution:

Call me and give me instructions how to get my money out of XRP scan. Or email me. If I don’t get any help my money is gone and I can’t except that. I don’t have a Lotta money and I need it I served my country and now I’m losing money that I invested and I actually made money but I can’t retrieve it. Please help me

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