Complaint: Horrible company and policies

on 09 May 2022 about Coinbase in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

Long story short I was hacked, they emptied all my crypto which is annoying but whatever, it seems that’s a risk you take. The worst part was that the hackers charged a checking account I no longer use and Coinbase allowed the $250 charge to clear and paid the hackers but then when it bounced at my bank and I tried to close my account they refused to let me unless I paid the $250 bounced charge even though it was not my charge. They said that in their terms, it’s on the customer to secure their account and they absolutely refuse to reimburse or remove the charge because of this.

Suggested solution:

Allow me to close my account!!! I’m not paying $250 because you allowed a charge to go through on a closed checking account, paid out the hackers and then the charge bounced.

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