Coinbase complaint: Hold on my money for 50 Days

on 02 March 2023 about Coinbase in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I made a purchase of $18,500 worth of cryptocurrencies on coinbase. This purchase was made through my bank account, through 2 fractional purchases. One on 02232023 in the amount of $10,000.00 and another on 0224 in the amount of $8,500.00. I was informed at the time of purchase that I could send my money to my Hardwallet after 3 days. On 0221 I was informed that I could only withdraw the money after 15 days. And today on the 0227th they informed me that I will only be able to make the withdrawal in 2 months. They have custody of my money for 2 months and there is nothing I can do about it. Refund my money !

Suggested solution:

Refund my money !

Hold on my money for 50 Days
Hold on my money for 50 Days
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