Coinbase complaint: funds removed from account scam via Coinbase

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My complaint:

I had funds removed from my Coinbase account and whilst it was happening I was on to Coinbase fraud department explaining I could see it happening asked the lady to stop funds being removed she told me she had stopped anything being removed from my account. But the funds were still removed. What I don’t understand is when I remove money from my Coinbase account it takes up to 7 days yet this was taken straight away why ???????

Suggested solution:

Return my funds with 8% interest from when the funds were stolen. This scam made our family Christmas horrible as financially we were short of money due to the incompetence of Coinbase. The support department is shocking and they have 20 different dealing with one complaint and all the answer are different, one said I would get my funds back, others say it's the banks fault, they blatantly lie all the time, you don't know who you are dealing with because they sign off with Coinbase support it's just a very poor service they provide

funds removed from account scam via Coinbase
funds removed from account scam via Coinbase
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