Complaint: No service for my refrigerator after 1 month

on 01 December 2021 about Choice Home Warranty in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

I file a complaint Oct. 28, 2021, for the top of my refrigerator, no longer working (will not get cold, not even cool). Ice Dispenser will not work. I called in a claim, service technician came out same day, 7:30 pm. He came, diagnosed my refrigerator. Said he needed, 3 parts. will order and they will come to my house in 4-5 days. He called someone , to get authorization approval. Said the cost of parts were more than his available limit. After phone call, said he had approval. The parts arrived in 3 days. He told me he needed my co-pay of $85.00. Before he left, he said he would be back on Tues., 11921. He called that day, Nov.9th at 8PM, and said he was not coming, because he had too many clients on his list for that day. I said I had to work, on Thurs., and Fri. he said he was sorry, nothing he can do, I suggested Saturday, he refused, said I do not work on Sat,, like everybody else. Now he made these appt.s and he has CANCELLED each time. I get a text. Monday. Saying I have appt, set for 3PM, today. No one spoke to me to see if I am okay with this day or not. He calls, says he has to cancel—THIS is second time.
So now I am calling Choice Home Warranty constantly, talking to someone different each time. Because no one will give me their last name. They say they are not allowed to give me their last name. Therefore, each time, I have to start over with explanation, to everyone I speak to. I want a new appliance repair company. Then finally I am assigned to Lone Star appliance. He eventually comes. Says he is disappointed the refrigerator is plugged into electricity. Diagnosed refrigerator— says there are parts he need to order, and will come back in 4-5 days. He to has to get approval from Choice Warranty. Before he leaves he ask for co-pay of $85.00. I said I already paid this to Sears. I did not repay. It is late, office is closed. But I was told earlier that day that I would not have to pay this again. Then is now starts again with Lone Star. They have been out 2 times, I went through THANSKING without a refrigerator and GUEST.. ANOTHER LONG STORY. He did not show up Nov. 30th as I was told and ed. I also got text saying he was on his way at 10am. 11;30 AM. I called office and they said, he came And I was not there. A LIE !. I got up this 7AM Waiting for Him. When I called that what he said he came I was not home, no one answered. Not True. I have a RING Doorbell, and Voice in the home says someone is at your door. Two dogs live in the home, they did not BARK (they always do.) No refrigerator for ONE MONTH Do you think I would not be available. HE DID NOT COME. Now I call Choice Home Warranty now says I will have to wait til Dec. 3rd, Friday, I work on Friday. I keep missing workA Nurse Continue to get docked, no money I do they expect me to pay.

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Suggested solution:

1. Pay me back for the spoiled milk my gran daughter has drank----- I had
to take to the Doctor
2. Pay me back the money I spend out of pocket to fix my refrigerator.
3. Give me back my $85.00 co-pay
4. All the money I spent on ice for the coolers (constantly melting)
5. The cost of money I spent for SPOILED FOOD

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