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My complaint:

Butchery Counter:
I requested the assistant pack two “boerie bites” into a container for me.
I noted that she had a chronic cough. She was NOT wearing a mask nor making any attempt to cough into her sleeve at any time, but coughing into and onto anything that was in her way.
She proceeded to cough into the meat tray that she was about to place my order into! I ly stopped her and brought to her attention what she was doing. She appeared clueless about general hygiene.
I called the manager and explained the situation regarding hygiene and the recent covid epidemic to which she agreed.
I gave the young lady in question a new mask out of a sealed packet I had in my handbag. She put it on and I went on my way, intending to come back and check on her, which I did about 5 minutes later. The mask I gave her was off and around her chin! I then told her and the butcher manger that I was going to call the store manager as this was very poor reflection of hygiene management in this store, especially in the light of the covid pandemic.
He agreed with me that their conduct was unacceptable and would deal with them.
I am bringing this to your attention for further action as I feel it is a public health hazard to allow staff to work untrained and unwell at a time in our history when we need to vigilant.

Incorrect Advertising:
House brand tins of shredded tuna were advertised for sale at either R16-99 each or 4 for R55 making them significantly cheaper. These were on display in a huge basket in front of the tills with a large sign saying so. I took a photo to prove it. At the tills the sale was refused because the tins were oil and not water! This was not specified on the sign nor were there any such tins in that large basket where I took the tins from! This is misleading and false advertising, not to mention a huge waste of time because the cashier had to void the sale as I refuse to pay such a exorbitant price for a measly tin of tuna.
Once again, the staff at this branch have slipped up and need to be properly trained in the simple task of shelf packing and correct advertising, as I am sure I am not the only customer who took tins from that basket, thinking they got a bargain.

Suggested solution:

Staff training

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