Complaint: Dispute fraud charges after my account was compromised

on 05 March 2020 about Chase in category Banks

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My complaint:

2 months ago January 29th 2020 I went to Chase Bank to inform them that there was suspicious activity on my account mind you at that time I also informed them that I have never received a statement from Chase Bank as I require paper instead of electronic records since May 2019 money has been taken from my account when I found out in January I immediately inform the bank and they put a freeze on my account telling me that they would send papers to my home address so that I could file a formal complaint as of this date the papers have yet to come I want back to the bank of week later to inform them that I never got the papers they said they would send them again which they didn’t someone from the claims department at Chase Bank called me and told me to go into the bank and that they would send electronic papers there to the branch that I can fill out in the bank personnel with facts and back well I only got the disputed transaction questionnaire so once again I had to go back to the bank to get the compromise form when I went back to the bank I was informed that yet another transaction occurred in February this is after they told me my account was frozen due to the suspicious transactions the bank pay me back June July and August of 2019 what happened to September October November December and May I don’t know they refuse to pay me those as a result of all these fraudulent activities on my account I have over $200 in overdraft and in January I informed them of the suspicious activity in February yet another transaction was made a fraudulent activity at that time I was through my SSI check totally from the back I’m 60 year old person who is disabled and I live on Social Security my March social security check roasted go into Chase Bank however before I could tell SSI I was past the cutoff time so my check went to Chase Bank Chase Bank inform me that they sent it back to this is now my check is floating in the atmosphere somewhere I live on my check I pay my bills on my check especially my rent as of this date I have yet to pay any bills they are compromised and I’m at the risk of being evicted

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The only way to resolve this situation is to pay back the funds that were taken from me May 2019 September October November and December January also as well as pay the overdraft charges that occurred as a result of this I would like a formal apology but that's not necessary I just want my money back so I can live my life

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