Complaint: Charge for double portion

on 06 April 2022 about CAVA in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

I order 2 bowls with half veg, half sweet potatoes. They charge me double, saying I order double portion, which I didn’t. They told me that they would have to do my order over. I told them never mind and just pay for the bowls.
I watch the employee fill the bowls and didn’t see him double fill the bowls. I did see him scoop the sweet potatoes and on the first scoop he only scoop one potatoes , because of moving so fast. I thought he was just making sure he put a full serving of SP in the bowl. I only seen it once.
My thoughts are that the employees are working fast the move the line and just don’t listen clearly or have a concern for customer service when fixing orders.
I understand fast food, but can’t support bad service.
I will stop going to Cava because of the customer service and being over charge.
The food is good, but the lack of dealing with my concerns about being over charge, leave me with the choice to no longer eat their.


Suggested solution:

I would suggest that you hire better employees.

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