Complaint: WHERE IS MY MONEY!?

on 05 November 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Yesterday (November 4th 2020) I attempted to withdraw money from my Cash App account. It did not go through for some reason. A few moments later I received an email from Cash App and had a notification within the app itself stating that my account has been locked due to suspicious activity and to click the Unlock button to unlock your account.I click the Unlock button and it states that I have to contact Customer Support via email and this could take up to 24 hours to have my account unlocked. It also states that I can still access my account, view my funds and investments but, will not be able to spend any money nor send any money.
At this point I’m annoyed but, hey, they’re looking out for me so I’ll deal with it is my current mindset.
Cash App Support is pretty quick to initially respond to my Unlock request and they proceed to request additional information in order for them to conduct their investigation.They didn’t ask for my PIN or any security information. Just things like when did it happen, what devices were logged in at the time, and how much was I trying to withdraw at the time.. Along with a few other questions but nothing illegitimate.
I provide the information right away, reassure them that this was me that initiated this request and await their reply.
They reply again and but now it’s a different person, different department and they assure me that my we’ve reached the appropriate department and they are investigating now but, the investigation can take up to 10 business days.
Now, I’m upset. First they told me 24 hours, now it’s 10 business days. I reply to them again stating my dislike for this inconvenience and state that if this is the process I’d have to go through every time I want to pull out money from my Cash App account then I’ll just withdraw all my money now along with my investments because its’ just ridiculous that they’re really locking me out of my own money.
All of this occurred on November 4th. 4 emails or so from them during this process. Ever since I sent that last email, I have yet to hear back from them.


November 5th 2020

it has now been over 24 hours without a response. I decide to just check my account to see if anything has changed now.

I open the app and it’s asking me to sign in again. I’m thinking okay…. this is weird but sure.. I’ll sign back in

I continue with the process and it starts to ask me to bind my card to my account again… Now I’m getting suspicious. I elect to skip this part and the very next step it’s asking me to create another cash tag..WTF!?! I immediately verify that I used the correct information. I have my email and phone number bound to this account and I tried logging in with both of them and both are wanting me to create another account.

All of my money, all of my investments, and my entire account is just GONE!

I immediately sent Cash App Support another email and of course.. still haven’t heard back from them.

I realize it’s only been a day or so however, they said I would still be able to see all my funds and investments and now my account is gone.

I started googling around and quickly found that SEVERAL other people had had their accounts closed and lost their money without answer! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! How is it that this company can just keep everyones money and get away with it.

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Just give me my account back so I can take my money out and be done with this horrible organization.

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Iwas Scammed
Iwas Scammed (@guest_2328)
7 months ago

I am having the same issues with cashapp. Total scam site and my money has been wiped out! Searching for ways to file a fraud claim and no one seems to be able to do anything except contact cashapp support; well, I will keep looking around. Someone has my money and I am not letting it go until I find out who!!!!!! 

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