Complaint: They STOLE my money!

on 12 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I cashed out $250 from my Apple Cash to my cash app card. Well I did a standard transfer instead of automatic so it sent my funds to a routing and account number instead of the cash app card. After talking to Apple Cash green dot and Lincoln savings bank they told me that The $250 was sent to my old cash app accounts routing and account number. Of course the only option to contact cash app is through email which is absurd seeing as though they are handling people money. After explaining the situation about 40 times to a different t person each day they finally tell me 9 days and 43 emails later that they can’t give me my funds for “security” reason that they can’t explain further! I gave the routing account number, every piece of my old and new cash app info they needed screenshots and everything proving that my money was sent to the routing and account number associated with cash app. So at this point they have stolen my money and I am going to take them to court to get MY money plus back!

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Suggested solution:

They should give me my $250. Someone higher up needs to demand that they have a customer service number.

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