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on 14 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I verified my stimulus was sent to a cash app account that I either closed or deactivated, after losing my stepdad and gpa due to Covid within days of each other ,I contacted them to help in reactivate the card and account so I could retrieve the money to help my family,over the course of 4-5 days I would receive a email from one of their reps saying they would assist in my request I just needed to give them certain information after giving such information communication from cash app ceases until I’d put another request in , always getting to the information needed part and again they would not respond. Had I known there was no actual customer service I would never had signed up for it, and even worse that there’s no customer service to resolve issues is even worse. With everything else that’s going on I feel like I’m on a Ferris wheel because there’s no resolution after me begging them to assist me .and not disappear after I submit information they requested Ive attached a photo of the information they ask for and then stop communication.

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Suggested solution:

Reaccess the account so I can obtain My Money , and actually have someone actually resolve it ,not have 7-8 reps state they will fix the issue and then drop the case with no further communication this is not just a business issue but a humane one .

Lack of customer servicesupportcompassion
Lack of customer servicesupportcompassion
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