Complaint: False Accusations of Violating Terms of CashApp

on 27 February 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

My account was abruptly closed without, warning, notice or any communication in regards to violating any terms or conditions of cash app usage. Ive had my account with cash app since they initially became popular without any issues. Ive also started a Bitcoin account to invest in with them. The thanks, unapprection and lack of communication and false accusation claim for misuse is the thanks i get for using their services after all these years. It is highly unprofessional of them not to communicate any issues with me and to falsely discontinue my usage without properly explaining the circumstances nor allowing me to defend my self in the matter. In addition to the unprofessionalism, their is noone to contact via phone to gain a clear explanation of the circumstances. I am so disappointed with the accusation at hand and will pursue this matter to its fullest extent even if it leads to the causes to within reasonable doubt to extend my concerns to social media platforms, news and a lawyer! This is not how you treat a loyal customer!

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Suggested solution:

Reopen my accountand a formal apology! Furthermore, directly and effectively communicate the issue at hand to me specifically before just taking immediate action without doing so! People put trust in attaching their bank accounts and debit cards to these services and to not have communication with one and simply just take action is not the way to operate a business in the nature of professionalism!

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