Complaint: Account hacked

on 20 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Unauthorized transactions were 2 transactions sent to $stophacking22. I did not make these transactions. The first unauthorized transaction was for $20 at 9:05pm on 11321. The second unauthorized transaction was for $1,003 at 9:05pm on 11321
I believe that these two transactions were unauthorized because I am the only one with access to my account and I had used my card to make a purchase at Walmart in new Lenox on 11321 at 8:58pm, and at that exact same time of 8:58pm I received a notification that my phone number had been unlinked from my account. I then logged into the cashapp app on my phone and my pin had been charged and there was an email added to my account that was not mine, that I did not add, and I did not know, as well as my phone number being missing. At that time I reported both transactions as fraud, removed the email whoeverwhatever hacked my account, added my email and added my phone number back on the account. I reached out to cashapp and got a generic response that they would get back to me in 10 days and they are now ignoring me on Twitter. I filed a complaint with the FTC and now here and am seeking legal action

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Suggested solution:

Refund the $1,023 that someone stole when they hacked my account

Account hacked
Account hacked
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