Complaint: 3000 dollars in unauthorized charges sent using cash app

on 25 July 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Someone was able to open a fake cash app, link my card to their account and empty out my bank account. It appears that they then closed the account and are getting away with my money. I feel so lonely and helpless because this would not have be able to happen if cash app had a security feature to stop this. I am out of 3000 dollars and I have filed a police report and contacted news stations to bring awareness to this story so other consumers are protected. Cash app needs to at least have afraid line that looks into fraud cases because at this point cash app is making fraud very very easy to get away with. And consumers are not protected as long as CashApp operates the way it does.

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Suggested solution:

Refund me all my funds back since your app and lack of security allowed this to happen. Create a security feature that makes it harder for strangers who steal your card Humber to use all your information to rob you.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Cash App

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Thanatos (@guest_1538)
1 year ago

Cash App will continue to get away with murder as more and more people sign up and use it without knowing its lack of FDIC insurance and other protections.

Good for you for trying to bring attention to this matter as well as report it. So many folks either wait for others to do something or simply don’t know what to do when they get played.

People need to know that Cash App is simply a unreliable app that offers convenience, but at a cost…