Complaint: Everything was great, until delivery issues

on 03 April 2022 about Carvana in category Automotive

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My complaint:

After a decent sales experience, delivery delays forced me to just cancel my order. I did get an email from their executive resolutions team after I canceled. They did not respond to my reply to them about what actually happened. Her email mentioned my concern about the quality of a car we had purchased. I had contacted Carvana at least 7 times because our DELIVERY DATE was changed 6 times in a 4 day period. Sadly, we first found out it was being delayed hours before it was to be delivered on 325.

Upon calling the 800 number several times, I had been told by one “advocate” to cancel the purchase because there is probably something wrong with the car. Another told me this was fairly common, but usually delayed delivery by only a day or two.

Upon contacting our local Carvana “center”, I was told that the issue was with the delayed shipment of a part. That was on Saturday 326. I then spoke with Matt in the executive resolution group, who did find out the part was to be delivered on 327, car repaired on the 28th, and car delivered on the 30th. I will give credit to Matt, he did what I asked him to do.

Upon receiving another change of date on Sunday the 27th, I spoke with Gloria, also in the executive resolution group. She was great, but also told me this is extremely rare to have so many delays. So which is it? Common, or rare?

Hours later, I got a “text” stating that it would now be delayed to the 31st.
Then yesterday, I got another text saying that it was delayed until April 2nd.

All because something was identified as an issue with the car, I suppose on the day of delivery, and after the 150 point inspection?

I know no shipping companies who change delivery dates 6 times in a couple of days. I simply cannot believe anything Carvana tells me at this point.

On with the experience…

I tried the 800 number one more time yesterday. I asked for the executive resolution team, and was forwarded to the “delivery team”. After calling the 800 number once again, I spoke with someone else who told me her boss would be calling me back. That never happened, of course.

Having this sale gone so badly, I decided to cancel my purchase. $25,000 car…financed by Carvana…Poof! gone!

Low and behold, minutes after canceling my purchase, somebody calls me back, and then I get a follow up email, mentioned at the beginning of this complaint. No response from them.

Suggested solution:

They did not resolve anything

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