Complaint: Employees of Carvana are dishonest and prejudice.

on 21 June 2022 about Carvana in category Automotive

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My complaint:

I bought my first vehicle through carvana which I have had for approximately 4 months and just applied for a second vehicle. I was approved for the second vehicle and I already signed documents, my deposit cleared the bank and insurance was placed on the vehicle. so I called today to check on the status of delivery of my vehicle. the representative named Mitchel said that he wanted to get me a faster delivery. i told him that I was fine with the delivery date. He kept insisting and changed the delivery date. He then said that he had to run my credit again. I refused for my credit to be run. but he still insisted and said that I would not have to go through another approval and that my credit would not be on my credit report. Then he said that my identity had to be verified again and re-do application to finish the setup for the delivery. I asked him why are you running my application through again when you just told me that you wouldn’t have to do all of this again. He deleted all of my previous approval without my permission and had to run everything through again. Then he told me that he had to do another identity verification to verify my identity. He did the identity verification and told me that I passed the identity verification. Then Mitchell sent me the loan documents and I signed the documents again.

2 hours later, Then I received a voice mail from another Carvana representative named Nina. She lift a voice mail that I failed the identity verification and that the loan was terminated. I immediately called Carvana and spoke to a supervisor named Melissa. Melissa was nice at the beginning then after 30 minutes on hold, Melissa came back to the phone. Her tone had changed and she begin to defend Mitchel. i told her several times that Mitchel told me that the verification was successful. Melissa became very defensive and starting defending Mitchel again. when I requested a higher manager to report this issue to, Michelle basicly refused to let me speak to her boss and hung up on me.

I also asked her to set up a in-person verification at one of the carvana local hubs. Melissa continued to be very rude and her tone changed like she was trying to protect Mitchel.

I requested several times to speak to her boss, she was rude and refused to let me speak to her boss. This company is full of liars and dishonest employees. I just bought a vehicle from Carvana 3 months ago and it should not be any problems with my identity verification. I will be sending this vehicle back. I will be contacting my attorney and my friend who works at Fox26 new. I really don’t appreciate Michelle talking down to me just to protect Mitchell. Her rudeness turned into a prejudice attitude just because I am Black. I hope Carvana review the recorded phone call.

Suggested solution:

you need to fire Mitchell and also fire supervisor Michelle. Michelle told me that Mitchell lied to me regarding the identity verification, but then she started defending him and became very rude to me once I stated that I was going to report him. I asked Michelle to verify me in person and she refused and was very rude. Michelle also refused to let me speak to the person that is her boss. Michelle also lied and said that there is no one higher than her. I want someone from the upper management team to give me a call. I know you guys record all the phone call and I am requesting to Please review each phone call. Again, I want all of the phone calls that was made between me and Mitchell and Michelle to be investigated.

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